• Who we are


Ulisse GmbH is a company registered in Austria (FN 427806b) with registered office at Salurner Straße 12, – 6020 Innsbruck (AT), with an Austrian license (Gew-12001-16/6-2018) for the activity of collecting bets, issued on 7 November 2016 by the Amt Der Tiroler Landesregierung (“ATL”)

The previous professional and technological experiences, as well as the financial solidity of Ulisse GmbH and its partners, guarantee a level of customer service that meets the highest standards of quality, technology, service and reliability in the sector.

Ulisse GmbH has entrepreneurial, financial, technological and industry experience to guarantee complete production and management autonomy in all phases of activity, from data collection to processing opening odds, from collecting bets to risk management and payment of winnings, thus representing a real and innovative project of fixed-odds telematic betting on the market.