• Terms and Condition

General conditions of use

These general conditions (hereafter “General Conditions” or “T&C” or “Terms of Use”) regulate the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Ulisse GmbH Company and are valid and applicable to all services and products offered by Ulisse. Company and Customer will be called “the Parties”.

For the purposes of this section and of this regulation, “Customer” or “User” means any individual who accesses the services and products of Ulisse GmbH or, in any case, uses the Website, or any customer registered with Ulisse GmbH and referred to with expressions such as “you”, “your” or “he”, “his”, “she”, “her”.

Ulisse GmbH is a limited responsibility company registered in Austria (FN 427806b) and subject to the Austrian law, with registered office at Salurner Straße 12, – 6020 Innsbruck (AT). All services and products offered by Ulisse GmbH are valid and applicable.

Complaints and suggestions

In case of complaints or suggestions regarding Ulisse, the Website or the offered services and products, it is necessary to contact Customer Service or send an e-mail to [email protected] The request will be assigned to an operator who will provide the most appropriate answer. If the matter is not resolved in a manner of deemed satisfactory by the Customer, the Customer Service will reply via internal messaging service or e-mail communicating a definitive answer.

Complaints and suggestions must be sent to Customer Service in writing via internal messaging service or e-mail. Any requests published on social networks will not be considered in accordance with and for the purposes of these Terms of Use. Any complaints regarding acceptance, report and/or reopening of a bet will be taken into consideration only if the matter is addressed to Customer Service within 30 days from the date of the event related to the bet.

Aggressive attitudes, disrespectful or offensive comments in contacts with the Company will not be tolerated in any way. Violation of these rules will result in a suspension of the account or any additional actions that may be necessary to ensure respect.

Interventions for the offer improvement

Ulisse GmbH has the option to remove or modify, even without notice, any product or service offered on the Website, or change the offered shares if these types of intervention do not affect current bets.

In some cases, Ulisse may provide its Clients with software, developed internally or by third parties, to optimize the operation of the Website, improve access to gaming products and offer additional services. The Customer will therefore be invited to accept further Terms and Conditions related to use of the new software.

Ulisse is not responsible for problems or malfunctions caused by electronic equipment or due to an internet service provider used by the Customer while accessing the Website.

Although Ulisse takes all possible measuresin order to ensure that the information contained on the Website is correct, it does not assume any responsibility in relation to correctness, completeness or updating of the provided information services, and does not guarantee the reliability of live scores, statistics and provisional results available on the Website.

Customer commitments

Access to the services and products offered by Ulisse through registration on the website www.newaleabet.net (hereafter “Website”), including the subdomains, use of a user account (hereafter “Account” or “Gambling Account”) by a Customer, also in relation to any promotions, implies the awarenessand full acceptance of the General Conditions, privacy policies (hereafter “Privacy Policy”) of the pre-match and live bets regulation (hereafter “Regulation”) and its sub-regulations, as well as any changes that may need to be made periodically. The General Conditions contained in this document represent a complete, definitive and exclusive agreement between a Customer and the Company, they replace and integrate all previous arrangements, statements and agreements.

Access to and management of a gambling account

Any Customer wishing to access Ulisse services and products must register on the Website and open a game Account. Through the opening of the Account and the use of the products and services offered on the Website, aUser certifies having reached the age of majority and guarantees to have the legal capacity necessary to conclude an agreement with Ulisse. If it is established that even one of these conditions has not been met, Ulisse will immediately close the Account and take all necessary and appropriate security measures.

Personal use of a gambling account

A User can’t sell or transfer or, anyhow, make his/her account available to any other Customer, even free of charge, nor acquire or use, for any reason whatsoever, even free of charge, the gambling account of other Customers.

When a new account is opened, the Customer is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the provided personal information and data, including name, surname, date of birth, residential address, telephone number and e-mail address. Ulisse reserves the right to close an account if, at the outcome ofverification, the information registered in it is considered false or inaccurate.

Treatment of data related to an account

Except as contemplate in the Privacy Policy section, all personal data communicated to Ulisse by the Customer are stored securely in the company database and will not be transmitted to third parties. Ulisse has the right to forward the data, even without the authorization of the holder, to sports associations, authorities or third parties who are engaged in investigations concerning falsification of events or odds (match fixing), if it is considered that the customer has used the Website fraudulently, illegally or for improper or anyhow different purposes than those provided in the General Conditions of Use.

Gambling Account Arrangements

Each customer can open only one account. Ulisse has the right to close the account of a customer who has opened multiple accounts in his/her own name or in different names. If there are reasons to believe that several accounts have been opened (even in different names) with the intent to defraud the company or anyhow bypass this article, Ulisse has the right to cancel any operations related to this fraud attempt.

After opening an account, the Customer must keep his/her username, password and/or account number secret. All transactions in which the username, password and/or account number are entered correctly, will be in any case considered valid, regardless of the Account Holder’s authorization.

Obligations of a customer

A Customer is obliged to promptly inform Ulisse about any amounts credited by mistake on their account. Ulisse may cancel any positive balances coming from such incorrect operations and cancel bets or transactions made with funds credited by mistake.

Neither Ulisse (including its employees or collaborators) nor its partners are responsible for any losses resulted by committed errors. Therefore, bets placed in order to cover bets flawed by error will remain valid if they are not compromised by mistakes.

Prohibition of access to minors

Registration on the newaleabet.net website and use of the offered services and products are reserved for Customers who have reached the age of 18 or the legal age according to the rules applicable to participation in games with cash prizes provided by their respective national laws. In any case, regardless of the relevant legislation, Ulisse does not allow registration or use of the offered services and products to Users under 18 years of age. Ulisse reserves the right to verify the age declared by any Customer and to exclude from its services the Customers that bring doubts concerning coming of age of majority. Should a Customer be proved to be a minor at the end of a check, Ulisse will take care of retaining the winnings and blocking the Account.

Use of the website and conditions of the company/client relationship

Use of the Website and access to products and services by the Customer must be aimed exclusively atpersonal purposes of fun and entertainment, with expressed exclusion of any commercial or professional interest.

  1. Ulisse GmbH does not guarantee the constant availability and functionality of every offered product. Ulisse can’t be held responsible for any damages, losses, costs, loss of profits or any other inconvenience that a customer may suffer due to a possible disruption or unavailability of any product offered by Ulisse, caused by any reason.
  2. Ulisse GmbH is not responsible for damages or losses caused even indirectly by the Website, its contents or the contents provided by third parties, unless they are the result of intentional negligence orserious fault.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, all shown dates and times are based on the Central European Time (GMT+1).

Credit arrangements

A Customer has a possibility to increase the credit balance of his/her account at any time, using one of the payment methods provided by Ulisse, and can withdraw the remaining balance on his/her account using the same payment method chosen at the time of registration or any other accepted method once a full and appropriate verification has been completed. Available payment methods: credit/debit card, bank transfer, virtual card (for deposits only).

Credit Card

  • Credit Card Companies: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
  • Payment processing: Immediate
  • Minimum deposit: 20.00 €
  • Maximum deposit: 3,500.00 €
  • Fee: no fee applied

Wire Transfer

  • Payment processing: within 24 hours after receiving the bank confirmation.
  • Minimum deposit: no limits
  • Maximum deposit: no limits
  • Fee: no fee applied

Withdrawals arrangements

Withdrawals can only be made from the same account on which the original deposit was placed. Withdrawals will not be authorized if there are operations made to allow the money transfer through different payment methods. In this case, the amount can be withdrawn only in the same way the original deposit has been made.

Casino: maximum Weekly withdrawal is : Eur. 40,000/ maximum Monthly withdrawal is Eur. 150,000.

Credit Card

  • Credit Card Companies: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
  • Payment processing: within 72 hours
  • Minimum withdrawal: 5.00 €
  • Maximum withdrawal: 3,500.00 €
  • Fee: 1% of the transaction’s amount

Wire Transfer

  • Payment processing: within 48 hours
  • Minimum withdrawal: 10.00 €
  • Maximum withdrawal: 10,000.00 €
  • Fee: no fee applied

Instructions for the first withdrawal

To make the first withdrawal, a customer is required to send to Ulisse a copy of a valid identity document. If a deposit transaction is made by bank transfer, credit card or e-wallet, the first withdrawal request from your account will be processed only after a security check has been completed. In these circumstances it will be necessary to produce, in addition to the identity document of the account holder, this additional documentation:

  • a double-sided copy of each of the cards used, duly signed by the owner;
  • an official document certifying the address of residence if it differs from the one registered in the identity document;
  • any other document that may prove necessary in order to complete the security check.

Other information on withdrawals from a gambling account

Withdrawals are always subject to review before being processed. If a violation of the Terms and Conditions has been ascertained following the checks, Ulisse can claim any bonuses and/or previously accredited winnings.

A transfer of funds from an account to a debit or credit card requires, on average, 3 to 5 working days to be credited, with reference to the time when the withdrawal request was received. Payments made manually through ordinary bank transfers will be made within 5 working days from the moment the relevant withdrawal request was received. A Customer, however, recognizes that Ulisse uses the payment services offered by banks and online payment service providers, and therefore has no power to speed up the payment time.

Further arrangements on withdrawals and charges

A Customer commits not to attempt charge-backs (cancellations of charges), reversals or cancellation of deposits previously made. Should such circumstances occur, the Customer will be required to refund Ulisse for unpaid deposits and any expenses incurred for the recovery of the due credit. Ulisse will keep funds deposited on an Account as Client’s trustee and not as his/her banker or debtor. Consequently, there will be no obligation on the part of Ulisse to return the money to the customer on that basis.

Ulisse reserves the right to limit or refuse bets.

An Account is non-interest bearing; funds deposited in an account, as well as winnings or other amounts not yet credited, do not generate any interest.

Intrusions and interferences into the gaming website

Actions aimed at interfering with the normal functioning of the website such as release or spread of viruses, worms, trojan horses, logic bombs, DoS/DDOS attacks or such are prohibited and prosecuted through all the remedy ways and actions provided by law for this kind of violations.

Repeating the same bet several times may be an attempt to bypass the checks of Ulisse, also related to the payout limits allowed and payable, and may result in bets cancellation and closure of the Account.

In cases of necessity, Ulisse may limit access to certain parts of the Website or to some of the offered services, among which, for example, Live Betting, Live Chat and the internal messaging system.

Links to and from the website

A Customer may create links to the Website, on condition that this happens in web spaces owned by or anyhow fully available to him/her in relation to the links creation, and, in any case,in a manner that complies with any applicable legal expectations and does not damage or exploit the reputation of Ulisse. Such links, in absence of an explicit written consent issued by Ulisse, can not be presented with the intention of implying or claiming any form of association, approval or sponsorship by Ulisse.

The newaleabet.net Website may contain links to other websites and services provided by partners or third parties; these links are provided for information purposes only; Ulisse has no control over these websites and therefore declines all responsibility for correctness and accuracy of related contents as well as for any losses/damages that could derive from their use.

Errors in acceptance and/or new payments

Although all the necessary precautions are taken, it may happen that a bet is accepted or a payment is made by mistake. The following list provides some examples, without pretension of completeness or exhaustiveness, of similar circumstances:

  • whenever the prices/spreads/terms offered by Ulisse are very different from those available in the general market;
  • whenever the prices/spreads/terms offered at the time of the bet are clearly wrong in relation to the probability that the prediction will occur;
  • whenever a bet is accepted by mistake in a market that should have been suspended or removed;
  • if a bet containing clearly incompatible or logically connected events was accepted, either by human or technical error;
  • whenever a report error is made during calculation or crediting of winnings;
  • in any other situation that could be considered an error.

In all these cases Ulisse reserves the right to cancel all the already accepted bets that contain the error, or to correct the mistake by resetting all the involved bets considering the prices/spreads/terms that would have been available in the absence of the error.

Arrangements concerning technical problems

In the event that, due to technical limitations or problems, the hard copy of a digital document or coupon should differ from its display on the Website, only the information available in the Website will be valid. In case of dispute, a Client accepts that the Ulisse server records act as final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.

Legal bases, regulations, derogations and exceptions


Access to the Website and/or use of the products and services offered on it may not be legal in some countries. Ulisse GmbH, through the Website www.newaleabet.net, does not intend in any way to offer, invite, encourage, press for participation in bets or use of any other services in countries where such activities are not considered legal.

It is a Customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she acts in accordance with the laws of the country in which he/she opens an account and/or uses the products and services offered by Ulisse, in fact, a user certifies that gambling is not illegal in his/her country of residence.


In order to guarantee and preserve compliance with the arrangements concerning the current fight against money laundering, Ulisse, when processing transaction of any type, has the right to make checks considered necessary to certify ownership, origin of the money involved and identity of an applying Customer.


Ulisse is committed to take all possible measures to face and prevent any money laundering activities, in accordance with the international policy applicable to the prevention of money laundering.

The company is committed, in case of confirmation or even just suspicion of similar activities, to report these situations to the competent authorities.

Despite the risks of money laundering in online gambling may seem quite limited, Ulisse engages to comply with the most restrictive European regulations (Directive 2005/60/CE – Legislative Decree 231/07 Italian law AML) and the regulations for prevention of money laundering through identity check measures, verification procedures, records, monitoring of current transactions, internal reporting procedures for suspicious transactions cases or actions and reporting procedures to the competent authority.


Ulisse applies due diligence procedures to both new and current customers, in fact, to access the services offered by the Company, the customer can open an account and register as a new user only if he has reached the age of 18 and accepts to present all personal data requested.

Ulisse reserves the right to exclude users who refuse to comply with current regulations, and to pay winnings, if a customer does not comply with the security procedures.

The company is obliged to record and store customer data. In detail:

  • the data needed to open an account and access the online games: full official name, place and date of birth, residential address, ID number, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address;
  • date and time of opening an account, details of all transactions related to the account and information concerning transactions type and sums of money transferred to and from the account, as well as all security data, (used IP addresses, time, date and duration of connection to the Company’s services).

Each user has the right to open one account and can not register other accounts using different data or fictive names. The company reserves the right to close these accounts, cancel all placed bets and withhold the balance in these accounts at the time of cancellation. In case of suspected fraud activity or any violations of the General Terms and Conditions, the company is allowed to cancel the user’s access and close the account permanently.

Ulisse may request further documentation or information at any time.


A Customer is required to provide Ulisse with a readable copy of the requested documents confirming his/her identity before proceeding to any transactions through his/her account.

The company is allowed to request documentation related to all deposits made in the account to verify the origin of the deposited funds. In case of inadequacy or suspicions, all bets placed by the user will be canceled and winnings withheld, unless the user proves that the funds used to bet have been obtained legally.

In the event that a user has opened more than one account, Ulisse reserves the right to freeze the funds on the accounts.

A Customer declares to accept all necessary account related communications sent by the company that is authorized to use the presented data to perform the requested transactions.

Ulisse can change payment methods on a personal basis (in case, for example, there are requests for withdrawal on credit cards).


A customer can access his/her account using the protected data presented during the registration process (username and password). The company is not responsible for illegal use of an account by unauthorized third parties who have obtained access to such data.


Ulisse has the obligation to report to the competent authorities any suspicious or fraud activities that occur on an account and commits to disable it for the duration considered necessary to perform appropriate internal investigations and communicate with the competent authorities.

The company endeavors to control user’s actions, related transactions and updating of the documents, data and information provided by the user. In the event that there are obvious changes in user’s actions and obvious signs referable to illegal activity, the company reserves the right to take actions in accordance with internal procedures in order to evaluate whether it is necessary to report this to the competent authorities.


Ulisse is allowed to make other verification procedures for pay-outs of amounts exceeding € 2,330, as well as in case of suspicion of improper use of a gambling account and/or money laundering. Furthermore, Ulisse reserves the right to request, at its sole discretion, that the amount of a requested withdrawal is transferred only by a bank transfer to an account held in the name of the Account Holder. Ulisse reserves the right to request further information and documentation regarding the identity of the Customer and the place of residence following any deposits or before the approval of any request.

Ulisse also has the right to request and obtain a proof of deposit and further methods of personal identification; in these cases, before handling any withdrawal requests, the related management remains at complete discretion of Ulisse.


Under no circumstances may the Website be used for purposes other than personal entertainment. Ulisse is not responsible for attempts to use the offered services and products for purposes other than that intended.

All Trademarks, Domains, Terms of Use, Logos, Images and any other material used by or in Ulisse’s products (for example but not limited to: graphics, images, texts, links, information), as well as any other content or concept that might be within the website, are owned by Ulisse and are protected by copyright law. Modification, reproduction, redistribution, even partial, of one of the aforementioned contents without the expressed consent of Ulisse are expressly prohibited, and Ulisse reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions to ensure compliance with these rules.


In no event will any delay, failure or omission (in whole or in part) in enforcing, exercising or pursuing any right, power, privilege, claim or remedy conferred by or arising under this agreement or by law, be deemed to be or construed as a waiver of that or any other right, power, privilege, claim or remedy in respect of the circumstances in question, or operate so as to bar the enforcement of that, or any other right, power, privilege, claim or remedy, in any other instance at any time or times subsequently.


Ulisse reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and at any time. The changes will be considered actual, effective and applicable from the time of their publication on the newaleabet.net Website.

Ulisse commits to communicate to customers, via the internal direct messaging service, in the shortest time possible and, in any case, before the publication on the Website, any changes related particularly to the Terms and Conditions, via internal message sent directly to the Customer. For minor changes, Ulisse reserves the right to provide the aforementioned communication. It is therefore the responsibility of the Customer to periodically review the Terms of Use to be aware of any changes.

If the changes made are considered unacceptable by the Customer, he may request a closure of his/her Account. In the event that a Customer continues to use his/her Account after the date on which these changes of the Terms of Use have become actual, effective and applicable, it is equivalent to having read and fully accepted the changes made.

Updated: 24/10/2019